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Let us show you how solar makes financial sense! Get a free custom-built solar savings plan that is designed and engineered around your specific needs. Nationwide Solar serves ALL of Southern Oregon. Take advantage of YOUR local and Federal Solar Incentive Money! What are you waiting for?


Benefits to going solar:

"We are so glad we chose Nationwide to install our solar panels. The process was well explained and we were walked through every step of it. JonMichael and Jason were always quick to respond and made the whole process easy. Excited to start generating our own energy." - Matt White

"This company stands up to quality of expectations and beyond! James is an absolute pleasure to deal with, we had a very unique situation happen and James and the owner went way above what they were obligated to do to make sure everything worked out the way I was expecting it to be, even tho it was half my fault for being so ignorant to the technology, that the duplex the panels are powering had been designed as a single home install instead of two separate homes. Nationwide solar and the contractors out here in Utah saved me a lot of money and stress to accommodate the 2 home system my duplex needed. To that I thank you all so much, especially to James for excellent customer service and explanations!" - Dustin Nunnally

"The Nationwide folks are awesome, we got our questions answered right up front with one visit from their team. They looked at our situation, setup the permitting. Once the state and county were ready, the team got our install itself done in a-half-a-day, ahead of schedule. My wife and I look forward to this house receiving power from the sun directly for years to come, more than paying the investment back." - Rick Forand

"I needed a solar company to come in and remove my solar panels so I could replace the roofing and then replace the solar panels so I could sell my house. Nationwide was willing to do that with a short notice. John-Michael and the rest of the company did a great job!" - Terry Davis

"Nationwide Energy installed a 26-panel solar array on my home. They were prompt, very professional, friendly, and well-organized. They kept me informed step-by-step as the project proceeded, and handled all the paperwork (permits, etc.) for me. It was a pretty easy process. The city and electric utility permits and inspections took longer than expected, but Nationwide kept things moving. I would definitely recommend Nationwide Energy if you are considering solar power." - Joel Greer

"Scheduled at 8 A.M. and arrived in the dot! Checked in with me for any needs inside of the house, and assisted with all additional items installation. Followed through with all the extras, and delivered before the project was finished! 2 thumbs up!" - Justin Bengston

"Jon Michael is a lot of fun and I really enjoyed working with him. He was very professional and patient with me and 100+ questions I had. I'm getting my solar panels installed today and I'm so excited I get to help save our Mother Earth!" - Emma Ferrington

"Fantastic to work with and the communication on all levels was great. We ran into a snag with another company so we were a little gun shy about trying again but I was reassured that there wouldn't be any problem. I was calling and emailing all the way up to the afternoon before the install day and they set my mind at ease. The contractors they used were a great group of guys and were very professional and courteous as well. Highly recommend starting your solar journey with Nationwide!" - Krystin Case

"These guys are great I would recommend them to everybody I know!! Job was completed in a timely manner and on time. Customer service is second to none. Over all experience was wonderful... thank you Jason Cane your crew was courteous professional and truly cared about our project!" - Mark Blackburn

"James, my Energy Consultant was the best ever. I would recommend him and Nationwide Energy to all that are looking at getting Solar installed. Friendly, Helpful and always there to answer question's. Everything was done and up and running within 30 days of first talking to James. Thank you, Very Happy Customer Here, Glenda." - Glenda Butts

"Nationwide is a great company! They have quality service, solid products in the industry and great integrity. They have smooth processes and operations. Get your solar from them!" - Ammon Crowfoot

"Derek Glispy was very informative and detailed oriented to help me understand how this is a great opportunity. I look forward to taking the next steps in solar energy." - Mitchell Taylor

"House looks Awesome thanks Nationwide another fine job can't wait for the savings.customer service was great thank you all ." - Allen Cavazos

"They guided me through the application process smoothly. Professional all the way. My solar installation was done very professionally and quick. I definitely recommend this company." - Gerald Thomas

"They guided me through the application process smoothly. Professional all the way. My solar installation was done very professionally and quick. I definitely recommend this company." - Stan Domanskiy

"Excellent company to work with . Love the culture and staff. Solar is so awesome." - Jhouse Family

"Nationwide Energy is truly the go to guys for getting solar. They made the entire process seem so simple when getting set up with our solar. It first started with there professional presentation with their solar professional then onto the getting installed quicker then all the other quotes we recieved. They were so attentive to detail, and offered to clean up when they were done. I never knew getting solar could be so easy!" - Brandon Clyde

"Loved the sales and installation process. Very friendly, knowledgeable, professional and helpful, answered all of my questions" - Tammy Baines

"If you want the best service, the correct amount of solar for your structure and honest / fair prices you've found the right place. Jason at Nationwide provieds not only great prices but also excellent education to make sure you get the perfect amount of KW's and panels for your houses needs. If your done trying to keep up the your power bills inflation you need to call them today!" - Brian Shields

"Excellent folks to work with. Can't wait to see the long term savings on my bills." - Troy Spetter

"Wow. What a great experience, knowledgeable staff, top of the line products. Couldn't be more impressed. Sold for life!" - Chris Lister

Why rent power from your utility when you can own it from a never-ending source of energy? Contact us today to find out how to take advantage of the financial benefits of going solar.

Nobel Prize Winner, and Secretary of the Department of Energy, Dr. Stephen Chu, Presents Daniel Wells with the America's Next Top Energy Innovator Award. Daniel is available to help you understand the benefits of installing a solar system.

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How Solar Works

1. The Sun & Solar Array: The sun provides free energy every day. Solar panels convert sunshine into electricity.

2. The Inverter: The inverter converts the direct current (DC) power from the solar panels into alternate current (AC) power for your property.

3. The Meter: With net metering, energy you don't use goes to the grid, spinning your meter backwards.

4. The Utility Grid: Excess/unused electricity is then sent back to the grid (utility company). You sell your power to the utility company during peak time and receive credits back at night.